The Throwaway Tournament

Update: Tournament has been cancelled due to low sign-up count. All proceeds have been reimbursed.

Tournament sponsored by Michael Startear, Lugalbandak and Xiao Sishen
Notable contributors: Avio Yaken

Current contributions: 308 Million ISK

This tournament’s intent is twofold:

  1. Giving rookie players an opportunity to PVP in a relatively controlled and balanced environment without investing a lot in expensive ships and modules (hence the name Throwaway Tournament).
  2. Giving veterans an opportunity, should they be so inclined, to go back to flying inexpensive crafts and test their skills in a restricted environment or just take a break from high-stake PVP.

Regardless, the Throwaway Tournament is open to any and all who may want to participate with no restrictions as of this writing.


I’m glad you asked. This couldn’t be simpler. The bare minimum is one million ISK, one of the faction frigate skills at level 1, a T1 frigate and a module that makes things into explosions.

As a recommendation, though, I would also bring the necessary skills to fly that ship well, not just undock, to fit damage and tanking modules, rigs and so on and so forth on said ship.

Fitting restrictions

For this edition of the tournament, after moderately positive community response, I have decided to limit participation to Tech 1 Frigate Hulls, Modules, Drones, Ammo, etc. That means no faction or storyline equipment either. Please note that “Frigates” does not also include “Destroyers” even if they are  considered frigate-class ships for size purposes. Aside from rookie ships, the contest is strictly open to ships requiring only one of the following skills: Mining Frigate, Gallente Frigate, Caldari Frigate, Amarr Frigate or Minmatar Frigate.

You may, but I will not require you to send me an email listing the ship you intend to use and/or the fitting. Instead, if you do use an illegal fit during a match, the match will be forfeited, you will be disqualified from the tournament and your opponent will be declared victor of the match (even if he lost). If both players use illegal fits, they will both be disqualified.


Once registrations close on the 1st of February 2014 at 12:00, EVE Time. I will start creating the pairings. The tournament will first consist of a variable (depending on how many attendants we have) number of Swiss Rounds. During this phase, the paired players will have a set time (three days) to contact one-another, decide on a place to meet and fight it out.

Recommended procedure: Create a new fleet to ensure that neither player is getting boosted by someone else, move to different wings, squadrons, etc. and then engage. This will limit cheating attempts to some degree.

Once the fight is over, either by ship destruction or forfeit, I will require a Killmail be sent to me (Victor Andall). In the event of forfeit, I will require the forfeiting player to notify me of this. Forfeit mails sent by the alleged winner of the match will be disregarded and repeated offences will be sanctioned.

Outside assistance will be sanctioned with disqualification if proven. This requires the assistance to either show up on the killmail or be recorded by the claimant via streaming software, in which case a youtube, twitch or similar link can be submitted for investigation. High Quality recommended.

Claims of such practices will take time to investigate and will only prolong the tournament.

Another rare situation is that of the draw. If two players agree together that a fight is going nowhere, they can decide to draw and both must send me an email stating so.

Wins are awarded with 3 points, draws are awarded 1 point.

At the end of the Swiss rounds, depending on number of attendants, a classic bracket-style play-off stage will begin with the same eliminatory structure you are probably used to.

My intention is to personally attend and maybe stream these fights, but I don’t want to promise anything I’m not sure I can deliver on.

At the end of the Tournament, a minimum of four players will be rewarded with cash prizes (to be announced upon registration close).


  1. Tech 1 Frigates only. No faction, no storyline, no tech 2 frigates allowed. Rookie Ships allowed. No special edition ships may participate.
  2. Tech 1 everything else. This includes modules, drones, rigs, ammunition and everything else you may find on a ship. Implants do not count.
  3. Fight fairly, have fun. No logistics or off the grid boosting. Violations must be proven. Contested war target kills (corporation war or faction warfare) will be disregarded.
  4. Failure to meet up and fight the match during the allotted three days will be sanctioned with a match loss for both players.
  5. Surprise solo ganks are considered legal kills. This is why I recommend fleet forming to be used to meet up and fight.
  6. Any violations may result in match losses and/or immediate disqualification with no reimbursment of prize money.
  7. You are not required to maintain the same ship and fitting throughout the tournament.

Rules subject to small changes until the beginning of the tournament.


Simply send Victor Andall a MINIMUM OF 1 MILLION ISK and then send Victor Andall an email in-game by . Both of these steps are absolutely required in order to participate. The email will let me know that I should look for your fee in my Wallet. Any amount not accompanied by an email will be considered a donation (we also take those, see below). If you did send the ISK and send the email later, but before the registration period ends, that is perfectly ok. I will be filtering my wallet to account for all Player Donations. Entry fees are only accepted if paid in ISK.

As a gesture of good faith, I have created this API Key listing my entire Wallet Journal. Feel free to check it at any time to see your contribution or that I’m keeping true to my pledged prize pool.

KeyId: 2983241
Verification Code: aM4iW1bCJXqHhP4brrP9Ih5gWObIhP78u6TU9APW4azshOxi1WEzF4KO3tKy87VF
Access Mask: 2097152

Donations and Sponsorships

If you came across this tournament, do not wish to participate, but have some ISK or other commodities to spare, we do accept basically anything from ISK, PLEX, Aurum to Ships, Skillbooks, Modules or Resources to be given as prizes or be converted into ISK and put into the prize pool.

A donation consists of anything above the entry fee of 1 million ISK and gets you a kind thank you message and a mention in the Tournament Posts, along with a short sentence or tagline of your choosing. I’m inclined to say “anything you’d like” but let’s keep that at a safe “almost” for now, shall we?

A sponsorship is anything equal to or above 50 million ISK and will get you a paragraph or two about your person, corporation or alliance to recruit players or advertise your services or just rant about…ALMOST anything you want.

Donations and sponsorships must also be accompanied by an in-game email if you want more than just a mention and a thank you.

Prize distribution

After all entry fees, donations and sponsorships have been submitted a total of 75% of the total amount collected will go into the prize pool.
An additional 10% will either be distributed to players depending on whether or not they meet certain conditions (Tournament Achievements to be announced after the registrations end) or be retained by the organizers.

That leaves between 75% and 85% of all fees collected in prizes.

Of the 75% in the prize pool (to be referred to hereafter simply as the prize pool) a set number of players will receive prizes. This largely depends on the turnout, but it will most likely be half the players that participate in the play-offs.

All collected money will be reimbursed in case of tournament cancellation.

Sample prize pack

For a play-off consisting of 8 players, the first four will be awarded a set percentage of the prize pool.

1st prize – 50% of the prize pool

2nd prize – 30% of the prize pool

3rd prize – 15% of the prize pool

4th prize – 5% of the prize pool


So you made it through that wall of text in one piece. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the Andall Combat Tournaments mailing list.

Questions, feedback and clarifications can be posted here or asked directly via email.

Hope to see you in-game.